Hello, we’re pregnant! 

I suspected I was pregnant when my period didn’t come. It was late but when I did the test, it showed negative and my heart kinda fell. But the period never came that week, or the week after. It was only when I was at school and S convinced me to do the test again that I succumbed. 

And that’s when we had a confirmation that yes, I’m pregnant. 

We started off our first gynae trip to the Singapore Women’s Clinic where the doctor scanned and told us our baby was still the size of a small bean at 5 weeks and to come back in about a week’s time for another scan where we’ll get to hear the heartbeat. 

The following gynae sessions were then at Gynae MD, it was a bit closer to home. Why we didn’t go NUH or KKH straight, I still don’t know why. First-time parents and we weren’t really sure what was the right or proper route to go. So. We kinda went with what we felt we were comfortable with. 

I teared up hearing the heartbeat for the first time. The husband was in shock, a happy kind of shock. We got a CD with pictures of the scan which I uploaded and kept in my phone when we got back. 

Unfortunately the heartbeat wasn’t recorded but it’s ok. I knew my baby was growing inside and even though it had yet to take its final shape, I couldn’t wait for it to come out and meet us. 


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