Oscar testing

I turn 32 this year and one of the things the doctor advised and suggested we do was the Oscar testing. OSCAR stands for one-stop clinic for testing for assessment for risk of fetal abnormalities. This is mostly done to test for Down Syndrome. They do a blood test and a scan to look at the nuchal translucency (thickness at the back of the neck)  and to locate the nasal bone. Results are about 80% accurate but sometimes even a positive or negative result can change as the foetus continues to develop in the womb. 

Our result was that it was low-risk and the doctor asked if we wanted to do amniocentesis or even go for the harmony/panorama test to ensure that everything was ok. Harmony and Panorama tests also check for specific chromosomal or genetic abnormalities. Thing is, Oscar test already cost us almost $500. Harmony/Panorama is almost $1.4k. While some parents want the 100% assurance, we couldn’t afford it and prayed that low-risk remained low risk and be of no risk. 

By now we were looking at our finances and re-evaluating if maybe we should have gone to NUH instead –  this after conversations with several friends (who are now parents of one or more kids). Not that we didn’t like our gynae, we did. Just that the cost for each consultation (even without supplements) was still costly and we paled when looking at the delivery prices at the hospital where she could deliver our baby (cost not inclusive of her delivery fees).

I called the NUH Women’s Clinic and got an appointment in early Jan for our first consultation with Prof S. This was as a private patient (subsidized patients need to get a referral from polyclinic and will meet with gynae on duty for that day in Clinic G). 


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