Scan at 21 weeks

We came back for the detailed fetal scan. As usual, waited quite some time before my name was called. 

We spent quite a bit of time in the room. At times I could hear/sense the sonographer getting a little frustrated. Baby wasn’t in the right position so I had to keep turning so she could try and get a good shot. Somehow though, the longer we were there and the more she asked me to turn (didn’t mind it one bit), started making me feel just a little bit worried. We were in the room for almost an hour before she was done. We asked if everything is alright, she said everything was ok; just that with the way the baby was positioned, it was hard to have a good look at his heart. 

From there we were directed to go to the Sapphire clinic and wait for Prof S. Husband even had time to take a quick power nap as once again, we waited for my name to be called. Thought it’ll be a quick talk and then off we go. 

It wasn’t quite to be. 

Maybe the sonographer didn’t want to alarm us but what we heard was not the least bit reassuring. Prof told us that there seemed to be some issue with baby’s heart.  That the aorta didn’t seem to connect and she said that it seemed like an interrupted aortic arch. My mind went blank at the moment because all I could think of was all the scans before and the strong heartbeat I could hear during consultations. Like, this couldn’t be true. 

She mentioned that IAA was common in children with a chromosome deletion called DiGeorge syndrome. She wrote it down for us to read up when we got back. She suggested we go for amniocentesis to test if the baby either had DS or 22q.11.2 (also known as DiGeorge) and to think about possible termination. There was a window for termination, up to 24 weeks, and she’d give us time to think. I just couldn’t process everything and the husband was quiet. I held my tears back until we were out and waiting for the Uber. Even as we got back home and I tried to explain to my parents what had happened, I felt suspended in limbo and disbelief. 

We would go back for a continued scan with Dr B, the fetal care expert. Maybe he’d give us better news. 

But at least I got a good scan of our son. Yup, it’s a boy. 


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