The NICU is filled with babies, most of whom were premature. Tiny, small, wrinkled. Our son was born at 37 weeks and 3 days. He had just reached full term but he was small, at 1975g, but damn if he wasn’t the cutest thing I had ever seen. Active with his arms and legs flailing about that the nurses had to resort to putting his hands in mittens and pinning it to the bed so he wouldn’t dislodge wires or tear down the plastic sheet that was helping to trap heat and keep him warm. 

Thinking back, the number of wires on him and coming out of him then was nothing compared to now. 

The nurses in the NICU are the best ever. Constant care over little H and always updating us and answering our every question about him – feeding, weight, his heart, his breathing, basically everything. They adored little H as much as we did and we tried to get to know and be familiar with as many nurses as we could. It gave us peace of mind and assurance knowing that when we couldn’t be around 24/7, there were all these angels who were looking after him. They talked to him, sang to him, soothed him, comforted him. They fed him, cleaned him, changed his diapers, made sure that his iv tubes were placed nicely and neatly and his bed was always so well-kept. 

There was one nurse who really made the difference. She helped take pictures of little H when his eyes were open and awake, when he was feeding and gave me comfort when during his surgery. She held my hand when I was too afraid to see little H after his major op and she walked through all the machines that kept our little Warrior stable. All that, made the difference for me, for us. I could rest at home knowing little H was in good hands. 
Little H has had amazing guardian angels from the very first day that they brought him into NICU. Their reassurance, confidence and the gentleness with which they showered upon my baby made the past 23 days bearable. It’s thanks to them too that I felt strong, that I could be strong for my boy. 

They may never find out about this blog but if they ever do, Thank you ladies. From me, from little H. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the amazing work that you do and the amazing care you provide not just for little H and us, but for all the babies and the parents in the NICU. 

Thank you. 


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