No child, no infant, should have to go through what he does. But my son is brave and strong and he is a fighter. 

He is my Warrior Son. 

As much as the sight of the tubes and blood makes me feel nervous, I will brave it for him. I know those are what’s keeping him alive. Those are what’s helping him win this fight. 

A new set of faces, a new set of names to remember. These ladies in the PICU ward will watch over our son and keep him safe. Watch him like a hawk and be there swiftly to render any help or medication that he might need. 

I leave my son in their capable hands tonight. It’s been a long night. I’m so tired and I want to sleep but my head is filled with so much and yet I cannot pin down, narrow down what’s inside. Clouded. Worry. Concern. Fear. Sadness. I fight it. 

Mummy is gonna try and sleep now ok Little H? So that I can see you again and be with you later. I’m always here my love. Always. May I see you in my dreams. Maybe in dreams I’ll get to hold you. 

I love you always, with every fibre of my being. 

Ya Allah, the Almighty, watch over my son tonight. Keep my son safe. Heal my son and purge the sickness that plagues him. Oh Allah, give him the strength, give him the will. 

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku. Selamatkanlah anakku. Pulihlah anakku. Ringankanlah beban anakku. Mudahkanlah urusan anakku. Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku. Yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang. 


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