In every adversity that the Almighty puts us on, He tests us. Verily,  He would not give us more than we can bear. Verily, He loves us all, his imperfect creations. Some may question the battles and trials they are put through. If we are patient, if we keep Him always at the forefront, then we will be able to savour the sweetness that is His gift to us. His blessings. 

Little H’s test began before he even saw this world. We were tested when he was 21 weeks. 22 weeks. 23 weeks. We were tested when he was still small for his gestational age. We were tested when they wanted to induce early. But Little H had other plans. He had made the choice, that he would come out early, and that he would fight this as fast as he can. 

It’s what I like to think. 

I am an imperfect creation of the Almighty. I am flawed, I had made mistakes, I have sinned and erred in my ways. Times when i end up blaming myself for all Little H has to go through, I have to remind myself. That this is His will. He reminds me that verily with hardship comes ease. One of the tenets of this faith is patience. And to give in to His will. For He knows what is best and He has something greater planned for all of us. 

So in Him I trust, wholly and completely. 


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