The beautiful month of Ramadhan

It’s the last day of Ramadhan. It has been a challenging one for us, one that has tested our iman (faith). We have been very fortunate to have family, friends who have been supportive and encouraging for us in this difficult time. Not only that, the nurses in the two wards (ward 24 and 46) especially, have been a great source of emotional support. Our visits to see Little H are often filled with smiles and a sense of light-heartedness as these nurses calmly and patiently explain to us the equipments surrounding Little H and his daily updates. 

The doctors are great too, but while they update us on Little H’s state, sometimes it’s the nurse’s touch and gentleness that eases our hearts more. 

Little H turned a month old yesterday, 23 June. A month of challenges and everyday he fights and fights. I have never been so proud of him, of his resilience and determination. 

We’ll get through this ok my love? 

Doctors say that they will wean him off the ECMO soon. First they’ll need to see if his lungs are ok enough to sustain his body. We pray for the best and prepare ourselves for possible challenges. Insya Allah, the Almighty will guide us through this. He has already blessed us with this precious human and for him to be born so close to Ramadhan, can only mean that He loves our son too and has planned for the toughest of battles to happen during this holy month. We pray that the days to come as Little H is prepared to go off ECMO, that He may ease the burden for our little Warrior and ensure a smooth transition to recovery. 



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