Thank you

I cannot thank my family and friends enough. 

For being there for us. For praying for us and Little H. For being supportive and encouraging. For being our many different pillars of support. 

We would not have been able to be as strong as we are right now, despite the challenges that we have been going through, if not for you all. 

From the deepest depths of our hearts, we thank you and we love you all so much. 

See Little H, you are loved by so many. All of whom are fighting alongside you, praying for your recovery and well-being as well as ours. 

Yesterday Little H was taken off his ECMO. For the first hour he seemed OK and stable. His condition deteriorated after and again my precious son went into another cardiac arrest. His left lung still couldn’t inflate and his right lung and heart struggled to keep afloat. The doctors put him on full ventilation support and gave medication to ease the pressure on his right lung and heart. 

I had been so hopeful when the ECMO was taken off. Now it’s another hurdle to get across, for his body to keep fighting to keep his oxygen levels up and his carbon dioxide levels down. It was terrifying to see the numbers. Terrifying to see so many doctors waiting in the ICU with us. We could only wait and pray for Little H to pull through on his own. The surgeons didn’t want him back on the ECMO and neither did the ICU consultants. To do so would be to restart the whole process again and with it the risks of bleeding and clotting that had worried us last week. 

Pull through he did, my special brave little Warrior. I have never been so proud of him. We are with you, every step of the way. Always. 

So fight on and fight strong my love. 


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