How are you? 

Whenever someone asks me this question, I honestly have no idea how to answer it. The laziest and easiest is to say I’m ok. 

But I’ll be honest, I’m not. 

I have enough worries on my mind, things not to think about because they can lead you on a very dark path. Things to try and think about but not be too happy, like little battles won. Things soon to worry about but you can’t and shouldn’t because that’s way down the road, shouldn’t even be there because the first boss level hasn’t even been cleared. 

Even if you gave an honest answer, you get the same response. Gotta be strong. Gotta fight. I think I’ve been doing that this whole time. But how exactly do you show people that you’ve been strong? That you’ve been fighting? You can’t and anyway, what they think or what they think they see, shouldn’t matter. 

So long as your son knows. And that’s what matters the most. 

Fight on, fight strong my love. 


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