Slowly but surely 

Alhamdulillah, Little H is slowly improving. The pleural drains for his left and right lung have been removed, so has his dialysis machine. His colour has improved greatly and he’s moving and wriggling about so much more. It reminds me of when he was in the NICU, before his first cardiac failure, before he was intubated. It fills me with joy everytime I see him moving. Just yesterday, we saw him smile and laugh when my dad was around. 

I am so proud of him, this little Warrior. Everyday is a blessing for us. Every moment is precious; whether he is awake or asleep. My heart melts everytime I look at him and I pray and pray for his recovery, for the day we get to hold him, to bring him home. I know that day is still far, but u am certain that it will come. 

To date, this experience has taught me so many things. It has definitely made me feel so grateful for everything in my life. My husband, who has been with me through this. Who has been my strength and wake up call, my comfort and protector. My parents who come down every night without fail to mengaji in the room with Little H. My friends who have given me support and been there to help me up when the situation seemed so dark. My colleagues who support me and who make me laugh and smile when I needed it. 

I am grateful and blessed to be Little H’s mother. I am thankful to Allah swt for His grace, His love, His compassion and His gift. I am not a religious, pious person but I do believe in my faith. This challenge has made me want to be a better Muslim. 

I love you my little Warrior, my son. Remember. 

Fight on, fight strong. 

Mummy is with you always. 


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